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5 Under 25: The Young Entrepreneurs You Should Know

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If entrepreneurs are risk takers, then young entrepreneurs must be risk lovers. Its no question that achieving success as an entrepreneur is hard, but realizing your goals before turning 25 is truly remarkable. With the growing international competition in business, aspiring entrepreneurs are wasting no time making their voice heard. I tip my hat to these 5 young entrepreneurs who are fearlessly pushing the boundaries set in their fields.



Charlie Stigler, 23

Cofounder, Zaption


Textbooks and lectures can be dry and tedious, and in this day and age, we all want something fast. Well, Charlie took that idea one step further by creating an interactive video tool, Zaption, used to stimulate individuals and students nationwide. His learning design uses videos and lesson analytics to engage students and measure their growth over time. With 200,000 users to date, and $1.5 million in funding, this young entrepreneur has a bright future shaping minds and the improving the classroom dynamic.




Allen Gannett, 25

Founder, Trackmaven


Allen is taking digital marketing to a whole new level with his marketing analysis software, Trackmaven. Since creating the software at  21, he has already raised over $15 million in funding. The young entrepreneur made digital marketing easy, by allowing clients to optimize the content, quality, and progression of their marketing strategies, and keep track of their competition. Most of all, this integrated software allows digital marketers to focus their time on creativity, rather than data analysis.





Shashank Samala, 23

Cofounder, Tempo Automation


Shashank is altering the slow speed of electronic manufacturing to match the automating qualities of software technology. At only 23 years old, this intrepid entrepreneur is the cofounder of Tempo Automation, a software designed to deliver printed circuit boards (PCB) to customers in only three days. With its speed and efficiency, Tempo is redefining electronic prototyping. And their results show; the startup recently received $8 million in series A funding to continue improving their technology.





Madison Maxey 22,

Fashion Designer and Founder, The Crated


Madison is a risk taker in fashion and in life. After dropping out of college to pursue her brand, The Crated, the young designer began designing innovative pieces that would revolutionize fashion. Her designs incorporate technology, like her Smart Fabric, that actually conducts electricity through circuits. Madison’s company consists of engineers, designers, and innovators from a variety of fields who take technology integration to another level. At this growing rate, the young entrepreneur is poised to reshape the way we perceive fashion in a global scale.





Rebecca Liebman, 22

Cofounder and CEO, LearnLux


There will come a day where we have to move out, buy our own groceries and, of course, manage our finances. Unfortunately, personal finance isn’t a subject covered in school. In fact, most people graduate college without knowing the basics of banking or how to plan for retirement. Recent college grad, Rebecca Liebman, and her brother, created a solution to this prevalent problem. LearnLux is an online learning tool that provides users with the financial knowledge they need to manage their portfolio. The integrated program takes the stress out of personal finance and provides clients with the security they need for the future.


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