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5 Tips to Master the Art of Video Marketing

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It only takes one day for a video to go viral. We’ve seen it happen in a range of fields, from music to sports, and even politics. Online marketing is no exception. Companies of all sizes are investing in video marketing due to the increasing trend of streaming videos online. The Cisco Visual Networking Index predicts that by 2019, videos will represent 80% of all Internet traffic. Digital marketing is taking a sharp turn towards video streaming outlets, like YouTube, that receives 1 billion views per day. This is a marketing trend that no business can ignore. So how can you join this fast growing movement? Here are 5 tips to consider before picking up the camera.


1. Keep it short and sweet

Let’s face it, no one likes to sit through a long sales pitch. In this fast-paced world, it’s important to get your message across quickly. So make sure you keep your video concise and engaging. Not only will you retain your viewers’ attention, but you’ll also increase your chances of making the sale. Keep in mind, the first 7 seconds of your video are the most important. So forget about lengthy introductions or drawn out conclusions. Start off with an engaging hook, and then jump into the message you want to convey.


2. Create content they won’t forget

You’ve probably seen that “Old Spice” video featuring a man riding a majestic white horse on the beach. Although unconventional, the brand succeeded in creating a lasting impression on their audience through their original content. If consumers hadn’t heard of the “Old Spice” brand before, they definitely knew the name after watching that video. Don’t forget, creativity is your most valuable tool. So play around with the structure and theme of your video. You want viewers to remember your brand, so give them a story they can’t forget.


3. Feature people

Engaging with your audience stems from forming a sense of trust. While simply putting words on a screen will get your message across, it won’t entice your viewer enough to learn more. So make your content relatable for your audience by showing the people, people! From interviews, to surveys, to random experiments on the streets, there are countless ways to feature people in your video. However you choose to structure it, make sure you maintain a personal quality in your content.


4. Living proof

Anyone can say that their product or service is great, but can they prove it? Your mission is to show your audience why they can’t live without your product. Compare the success stories of those who purchased it to those who didn’t. Or take after “Bounty” paper towels; they actually test their product, showing how their paper towels absorb more than other leading brands. Prove to your viewers that your product is legitimate, effective, and better than the competition.


5. Spread it everywhere

What is a video without an audience? Once your video launches, share it on multiple platforms, like YouTube and Facebook. Then use target keywords and SEO tools to promote the video on social media networks. Make sure your title and meta tags include focus keywords, and don’t shy away from using hashtags! Do your part, and the public will do theirs. Videos spread fast, so give yours the best chance to reach countless new customers.





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