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5 Ways to Grow Your B2B Social Media Accounts

Ways to Grow Your B2B Social Media Accounts

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In 2015, marketers were expected to have spent over $8.3 billion on social media, and 78% of companies said they had dedicated social media teams. It’s been apparent for years that social media is here to stay, and that companies can better reach people than ever with these new tools.  While it’s hard finding ways to grow your B2B social media accounts in terms of followers and engagement, it’s not quite impossible to stand out from the crowd and reach your audience organically yet. Below, we’ve listed our 5 favorite ways to grow our accounts and some new ones we’ve yet to try but others have seen success with.

Our Favorite Ways to Grow Your B2B Social Media Accounts

#1. Create Quality Content

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who haven’t made any attempt to create original, quality content.  We’re not talking about a clever tweet or post once in awhile either, we mean in depth blog posts, guides, videos, tutorials, and other ways to capture the attention of your audience. There are hundreds of types of content, so be sure to diversify.

#2. Engage with Your Audience

If someone tweets at you, tweet back. If someone leaves a comment, give them a reply. If someone messages you, shoot them a message back. It’s so simple, but so many people are missing out on this important element of engaging with their audience.

#3. DON’T Automate

When I say you shouldn’t automate your social media, I don’t mean you shouldn’t have scheduled posts and such. I mean, you shouldn’t have automatic messages to new followers, automatic interactions, or automatic content streams. You’re taking the human element out of social media and your brand will suffer for it.

#4. Keep Up With Your Accounts

You should be posting multiple times per day on social media, not just once every so often. I like to see 1-2 Facebook posts, 6+ tweets, 1 Google+ post, and 1 LinkedIn update per day to keep an accounts activity healthy. Don’t leave your account alone for days or week at a time.

#5. Reach Out to Influencers

You need to find the rockstars of your industry, and get in front of their face. Let them know you exist, and try your hardest to show up in their feeds. This could be as simple as a message letting them know you wrote some content they may like, to even sending sample products for them to review in other industries. See what others are doing to get your influencers attention, and try to emulate their process with your own business.


While this isn’t a complete guide, it’s certainly enough to get your toes wet with the subject and start promoting your company on various channels.  No matter the platform, you can benefit from these various ways to grow your B2B social media accounts. If you found this helpful, or have a tip to add leave us a comment below!

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