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Balancing Work and Life as an Entrepreneur
April 28, 2016
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Companies Killing it On Social

Companies Killing it On Social

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Social media can single-handedly grow a website’s traffic and boost sales, but, more importantly, it can improve a brand’s image, as well as customer satisfaction. Social media creates more loyal and long-term customers than any other form of paid advertising, when done correctly. Most consumers aren’t following company’s social media accounts because they want to see ads, unless there’s exclusive sales to be had only through their accounts. This leaves only a select few of companies killing it on social and showing up in peoples feeds organically.

In order to get a loyal following online, you have to be worth following, whether that be because you’re entertaining or enlightening, a great social media strategy begins with having personality. Here are some examples of companies doing all the right things on social.


You don’t need to be a science nerd to enjoy SpaceX’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. They know how to deliver the goods, filled with livestreams when they do their rocket launches, interesting facts, and lots of high-quality pictures to feed the imagination.

Old Spice

Not only are their commercials hilarious, but the folks running Old Spice’s social media accounts also carry their goofy sense of humor with their fan interactions and irreverent questions.


These guys have been killing the online game, not just the social media game, since their inception. They strive to go above and beyond for their customers and you can tell that they really care. They are always offering exclusive information and discounts to their followers.


The unexpected hero of social media that nobody saw coming, Denny’s Twitter account is a source of comedy and witty comebacks, where they often engage in some sick burns against their competition. The best part is that Denny’s pretty much has no filter when it comes to handling obnoxious customers.


Pampers understands that all babies need diapers, so they’re not on social media to sell you something that you obviously know about. Instead, they use social media to connect with parents and share advice, run contests, and post beautiful baby photos to brighten up your day.


While we’re on the subject of heartwarming social media accounts, Dove does a really great job in connect with women. They have a great history of being body-positive, encouraging young women, and women who weren’t blessed with perfect skin. Accepting the skin you’re in sends a great message and it resonates with their customers.


Their marketing strategy online is fairly obvious: post amazing high-definition videos and people will want to buy your products. GoPro essentially runs off of user-generated content, where their customers submit their best videos and GoPro shows them off on their social media accounts, while the lucky winners get to have a little fame online.

With over 2 billion people on social media, and growing, businesses can’t afford to approach social media with a half-baked or mechanical attitude. It’s estimated that over 90% of all American businesses are on social media, you need to take a page from one the above successful companies and carve out your own unique space to rise above the rest.

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