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Is Online Bookkeeping Safe?

Online Bookkeeping Safe

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Is Online Bookkeeping Safe?

One of the reasons many people avoid using online bookkeeping services is due to safety and privacy concerns. With a lot of companies selling user data, that is understandable. However, Intelli Bookkeeping is different. Privacy and security of our client’s financial information is our top concern. We have gone through extensive lengths to ensure that transactions, passwords, and banking information is never accessible by anyone other than the client. We hope that after you read the following article, you will answer your question, “Is online bookkeeping safe?”

What Is “Read-Only” Access?

Read-only access is how we have structured our online services. This means that any bank information, credit card numbers, and passwords are never visible to our bookkeeping staff. Your personal information is always secure. Our team can only see the financial data that they need to complete your books, without having unbridled access to your banking information.

AWS Uptime Promise

With Intelli Bookkeeping, you get an AWS uptime promise from 100% of our partner software providers. There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing a server outage right when you need to access essential data. AWS is the most stable and dependable cloud platform. You can rest easy knowing your information will be available when and where you need it. Always secure, always available to you, with no interruptions.

Stable Partner Platforms

We believe that you are only as good as the company you keep. That is why we only partner with networks and providers that have an established reputation for security. Other online bookkeeping sites (we won’t name names) tend to scope out the lowest bidders on services, platforms, and partners. We will always put your security and privacy above monthly margins.

Would you like to chat more about online bookkeeping? Contact one of our experienced team members at Intelli Bookkeeping and see what monthly plans work for you.





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