Renoviso Founders

    See how Intelli Bookkeeping helped a fast-growing startup manage cash flow and make sense of their financial data.

    About Renoviso

    Founders Eric Horndahl and Brian Waldman wanted to not only provide homeowners with an online alternative to buying windows, doors and floors — they knew they wanted to change the landscape of home improvement as we know it.

    The Problem

    In 2015, Renoviso landed $1.4m in seed round funding. The flood gates opened and the business plan launched. Sales started pouring in. Vendors needed to be paid quickly. Credit card transactions needed to be recorded. The business took off in the blink of an eye and their internal accounting solution simply was not able to keep up.

    Properly managing the inflow and outflow of money in the company became a top priority. So when Horndahl and Waldman asked each other, “How do we handle the accounting?” they knew their solution would have to be:

    • Customized to their business needs
    • Integrated with the ability to scale as their business grew
    • Technologically in line with their vision of the future of home improvement
    • Accurate
    • On-time
    • Cost-effective

    Our Solution

    In less than a month, an expert team from Intelli Bookkeeping migrated a full year of loose financial data on Excel spreadsheets and Word documents into a sophisticated, scalable cloud accounting suite in Renoviso’s very own Xero platform. What the company now had at their disposal was a friendly, knowledgeable team who understood the needs of the business and could implement the right cloud accounting solution — and adapt to any changes that came their way.

    Afterwards, the ongoing bookkeeping seamlessly transitioned and became as comprehensive as the initial setup. The owners were confident:

    • Bills were being paid
    • Invoices were being recorded properly
    • Income and expenses were being tracked correctly
    • All financial data was clean, organized, and ready for tax time

    Intelli Bookkeeping allowed the owners of Renoviso to focus on what they do best — running and growing the business. There are only so many hours in a day. None of them should be spent agonizing with or stressing over the books.

    The Results: Recently, Renoviso raised another $3.5 in funding and is well on their way to transforming the $300 billion home renovation market in America.

    • "My company has been working with Intelli Bookkeeping since Nov '15 and they've been absolutely fantastic for us.  We're a high growth startup with some complex accounting needs and Slava and his team have been more than up to the challenge.  They use all the modern software tools, are super detail oriented, very responsive to your needs, and are cost-effective to boot.  Couldn't recommend these guys enough based on our experiences to-date."
    • Alex-Tapper

      "Slava!! You're a rockstar. Seriously, great work. I really appreciate the hard work and precision"

      Alex Tapper
    • "Intelli Bookkeeping made transitioning my online accounting seamless and easy. The service has been amazing and the founder, Slava, has gone out of his way to make sure my experience is top-notch.  If you need a trusted accounting team on your side, look no further than Intelli Bookkeeping! As a business owner, you can't put a price on peace of mind.  That's what you get with Intelli Bookeeping."

      Mary Hodges Esq.
      STL Startup Lawyer

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