Quickbooks Online is used by more small businesses than any other online bookkeeping software. But that doesn’t mean that as a business owner you have the time to stay on top of all of your bookkeeping work.

Are you tracking and categorizing expenses accurately? Are you regularly reconciling your bank accounts and reviewing profit and loss statements? Or are you focusing on what you do best: growing your business?

If you’ve been putting off essential bookkeeping tasks, you may have thought about hiring a bookkeeper for your growing small business. But do you really have enough work for a full-time or even a part-time bookkeeper? If you do hire a bookkeeper for just a few hours a week, will they be available when you need them to answer your questions or provide the financial information you need?


Intelli Bookkeeping Is The Answer

Our Quickbooks, Bookkeeping & Accounting Services Are...


Every business is one of a kind and a one-size-fits-all solution just isn’t the right choice-- especially if your business is growing quickly. That’s why Intelli Bookkeeping’s Quickbooks Proadvisor services are designed to scale seamlessly to meet your needs. You’ll only pay for the services you need, when you need them.


Most traditional bookkeepers have many clients and will only be available to you during the few hours they stop by your office. Otherwise, you’re on your own. That’s not how our Quickbooks services work. Your bookkeeping team is always on-call, available by phone and email to answer your questions. We’ll even schedule weekly or monthly online meetings to review reports and dig deeper into your toughest questions.


The cost of an In-house or contract bookkeeper might not be in your budget right now. But even if you do have the money, do you have the time to manage the overhead associated with another employee or contractor? With our services, the work gets done and you get the financial information you need with no hassle.

Intelli Bookkeeping’s cloud-based bookkeeping services start at only $199/month.


When you work with Intelli Bookkeeping, your financial data is stored securely in the cloud. There are no worries about who has access to data, passwords, filing cabinets, bank accounts or paperwork. You just get peace of mind from knowing that our bookkeepers follow industry best practices, keeping your data safe and secure.
Our Quickbooks Online Service Integrates Seamlessly With...


Accurately track, categorize, and manage your business expenses with Expensify.
Stripe for Quickbooks


Startups choose Stripe as a developer-friendly, secure method of receiving payments online.


Businesses & startups choose Gusto to run payroll, file payroll taxes, manage benefits, health insurance, retirement, and more.


Bill.com helps small businesses and startups get paid faster and spend less time approving and paying their bills.
And Many More Apps & Tools!

Quickbooks Has Never Been Easier

Here's How...

Integrating Quickbooks Online With Payroll & Other Software

The less you have to do the better! That’s why we’ll integrate your Quickbooks Online account with the software you need to run your business.

Connecting More of Your Favorite Business Apps to Quickbooks

Our custom integrations allow Intut Quickbooks to connect directly with Bill.com, Expensify, TSheets, and many more business apps.

Importing Data From Your Bank Into Quickbooks

We import transaction information from your bank in real time without any delays. And it’s completely automated!

Communicating With Your Expert Quickbooks Team

Need help? Our certified Quickbooks Proadvisor team of experts will create reports, analyze data, and meet with you to answer all of your questions.
  • "My company has been working with Intelli Bookkeeping since Nov '15 and they've been absolutely fantastic for us.  We're a high growth startup with some complex accounting needs and Slava and his team have been more than up to the challenge.  They use all the modern software tools, are super detail oriented, very responsive to your needs, and are cost-effective to boot.  Couldn't recommend these guys enough based on our experiences to-date."
  • Alex-Tapper

    "Slava!! You're a rockstar. Seriously, great work. I really appreciate the hard work and precision"

    Alex Tapper
  • "Intelli Bookkeeping made transitioning my online accounting seamless and easy. The service has been amazing and the founder, Slava, has gone out of his way to make sure my experience is top-notch.  If you need a trusted accounting team on your side, look no further than Intelli Bookkeeping! As a business owner, you can't put a price on peace of mind.  That's what you get with Intelli Bookeeping."

    Mary Hodges Esq.
    STL Startup Lawyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

“How do I send my Quickbooks bookkeeper my receipts, expense reports, and other documents?”
You won’t believe how simple this can be! Intelli Bookkeeping uses a document management software called HubDoc. If you’re already an Intuit Quickbooks Online user, it’s really simple to get started using it!

“Do you recommend Intuit Quickbooks Online over Xero or other online bookkeeping tools?”
Every business is different so it’s difficult to make a one size fits all recommendation. We wrote a bit more about the differences between Quickbooks Online and Xero here and you’re always welcome to contact us directly if you have more questions!

“I’m not a Quickbooks expert and I always have lots of questions. Can you help me?”
Always! Your Quickbooks Proadvisor team is always available 9am - 5pm EST to talk on the phone and answer any questions you have. After-hours, just send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We’ll also schedule monthly or weekly web meetings to make sure you get that all-important face time with your team.

“What about security? Will you have access to all my passwords?”
Privacy and security are very important to us. Transactions from your bank and credit card are downloaded securely without your bookkeeping team seeing any passwords, usernames, or other personal information. This “read-only” access keeps your financial data safe and secure. To learn more, refer to our Privacy Policy or give us a call, (617) 580-5426.