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April 22, 2016
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When’s The Right Time to Start A Business?

When's The Right Time to Start a Business

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Independence is what nations have been striving for, for years. The feeling of being independent and the freedom that accompanies it is matchless. Apart from being independent in terms of a nation, an individual should be independent enough to make an earning that helps in fulfillment of all dreams and plans that one makes, but determining when’s the right time to start a business and make that leap can be absolutely terrifying.

In today’s world that’s full of challenges of all sorts, each individual is subjected to a million dreams and plans which remain unfulfilled due to lack of monetary resources. From a very tender age, teenagers bury a thousand dreams in their hearts, not having enough resources to fulfill them. Instead of planting the sorrow of unfulfilled dreams in their hearts, teenagers should learn how to make strategies for fulfillment of their goals. This does not only include a serious attitude towards education, but also the art of making that extra money.


Life was simpler in the olden days. Today, the world has advanced and has many excitements, thrills and treasures to offer to those who can seize them. With the advancement of social media, everyone is familiar to all the luxuries and entertainments that this world has to offer. But everything comes with a price. An average person is able to produce only enough money to feed their family, and usually can’t save any money. But with each member of the family supporting somehow financially, this becomes a bit easier.


Investing in a business of your own seems risky only until you haven’t tried. Once your money gets into rolling and you get into the business world, new ideas of development and expansion of your business will start pouring in itself. But where does the motivation of starting a business of your own come from?

Here are a few reasons why everyone needs to start a business:

  • Extra income is always welcomed. Money doesn’t hurt anyone

  • Fulfillment of dreams

  • Fulfilling your families dreams

  • A safe and secure future for your family and kids

  • Extra savings

  • More money to invest in various other business

  • Luxurious life with all the comforts one can think of

  • Traveling and vacations.


You don’t need to be a millionaire for starting a business. Even small investments can bring about great profits in longer run. Plus it’s always safer to start off with a small capital.

Today’s era is the era of E-commerce. You can simply start off by searching items that interest you and the target market for those items. Make a list and jot down points about:

  • Demand of the selected item

  • Minimum investment required

  • Margin of profit

  • Target market

Once you are done with this step, it becomes easier to short list and decide on a product or business that you can start off with, by comparing the points you have noted down


The ideas of establishing a business are diverse and what matters is your interest. You can be an entrepreneur or you can be a freelancer. Following are some of the ideas to choose from:

  • Wholesale purchase of different items and selling them at a profit

  • Graphic designing, Web designing and other computer related ideas

  • Free lancing and content writing

  • Recruitment agencies

  • Conducting classes for something that you’re good at

  • Import of items

  • Export of items

And the list can go on and on!


Tomorrow never comes. Lingering on, being lazy and complaining about a situation and leaving things off for tomorrow out of laziness or fear of failure is itself failure. Anybody, at any given time, with any amount of investment can initiate a business at some level or the other. Stop being lazy and start working today for a better, safer and happier tomorrow, today!

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