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Intelli Bookkeeping Secures First Boston Xero Silver Partnership

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Intelli Bookkeeping Announces New “Silver Partnership” with Xero

Boston, Massachusetts—-We’re proud to announce that Intelli Bookkeeping is now a Silver Partner with Xero, a small business accounting software company. Intelli is the only Silver Partner in the Boston area, making this cloud accounting provider among the best in the region. The recent partnership marks an important milestone for the startup, as it continues to grow its brand name and client base.

Xero is a New Zealand based accounting software company that provides small businesses with convenient online accounting. The software manages its client’s daily finances under one smart program. Its seamless design makes repetitive tasks, like invoicing and budgeting, quick and easy. Now, entrepreneurs never have to worry about falling behind on their payments. Xero’s services include access to the best accountants and bookkeepers in the area. In order to qualify to be a Xero partner, accounting providers, like Intelli, must earn a Xero certification and deliver exceptional accounting and bookkeeping services.

Intelli Bookkeeping is an intelligent cloud accounting service located in Boston, MA. The startup delivers excellent customer service to guarantee that each client has a positive accounting experience. Intelli understands that running a small business isn’t easy. So the startup works personally with entrepreneurs to ensure their finances are in order. And their hard work has paid off. With over twenty-five Xero clients in their consumer base, Intelli earned the title of “Xero Silver Partner”.

With this partnership, Intelli has set itself apart from its competitors in Boston. Now, the accounting startup has the opportunity to continue growing its client base with access to Xero clients in its area. Not to mention, the new title gives the Intelli brand an even higher level of trust and legitimacy. On the other side of the deal, Xero succeeded in adding another accounting provider to its list of partners. As its Silver Partner base grows, the small business accounting software can offer higher quality services in more locations. This alliance shows great potential for the standard of online accounting offered to small businesses. So, what’s next for the Intelli brand? The startup is looking to earn the next Xero partnership title, “Gold Partner”. Stay tuned, because this accounting provider is expanding fast.





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