Tax Management

As a small business owner there are always unexpected surprises-- some good and some, well, not so good. But if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s taxes. You’ll always have to:

  • Track and categorize your expenses
  • Keep up with your bookkeeping and record keeping
  • Prepare your federal, state, and local tax documents
  • Make sure you’re taking the right deductions
  • Maximize your return and minimize your tax liability
  • Prepare and file your taxes

If you’re like many small business owners, you might be taking a “pay and pray” approach to tax management. That is, you do your taxes at the last minute, pay what you think you owe, and pray you don’t get audited.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to manage all of your bookkeeping tasks and seamlessly integrate with the services of the most experienced CPAs in the industry?


Intelli Bookkeeping Is The Answer

Our Bookkeeping & Tax Management Services Are...


At Intelli Bookkeeping, we know your business is one-of-a-kind and that one size definitely doesn’t fit all. You need a bookkeeping team who can work with you and your CPA. You need a team that knows your business inside and out-- especially if it’s growing quickly. Our bookkeeping and tax management services scale to grow with your business. You’ll never pay for tax advice you don’t need.


Will your bookkeeping team be there to answer your questions or take your calls-- even during their busy season? If you work with Intelli Bookkeeping, they will. Our small business bookkeeping and tax management services include access to our team by phone and email. Our tax management services even include monthly (or weekly) meetings to review data and answer your toughest questions.


Few businesses truly require a full-time in-house bookkeeper and tax accountant. And even fewer businesses, especially bootstrapped startups and small businesses can afford one. But with bookkeeping plans starting at $249/month, Intelli Bookkeeping’s bookkeeping and tax advisers offer your business the best, most affordable option.


When you work with Intelli Bookkeeping, your tax data is stored securely in the cloud. You’ll never worry about who has access to your data, passwords, filing cabinets, bank accounts or paperwork. We follow security best practices, keeping all of your data safe.
Our Bookkeeping & Tax Management Services Integrate Seamlessly With...
And Many More Apps & Tools!

Bookkeeping & Tax Management Has Never Been Easier

When you work with Intelli Bookkeeping, we’ll help you with everything:

  • Setting up and configuring your accounts
  • Managing your ongoing bookkeeping and accounting needs
  • Helping you prepare and file your state and federal taxes-- an optional add-on service

Here's how it works:

Integrating With Payroll & Other Software

The less you have to manage the better! That’s why we’ll integrate your Xero or QuickBooks Online account with the software you need to run your business.

Connecting More of Your Favorite Business Apps

A growing number of custom integrations allow Xero or QuickBooks Online to connect directly with Gusto,, Expensify and many other applications.

Importing Data From Your Bank

Your bookkeeping team will import transaction information from your bank in real time with no delays. And it’s completely automated!

Communicating With Your Expert Team

Need help? Our Xero and QuickBooks Online experts will create reports, analyze data, and meet with you to answer all of your questions.
  • "My company has been working with Intelli Bookkeeping since Nov '15 and they've been absolutely fantastic for us.  We're a high growth startup with some complex accounting needs and Slava and his team have been more than up to the challenge.  They use all the modern software tools, are super detail oriented, very responsive to your needs, and are cost-effective to boot.  Couldn't recommend these guys enough based on our experiences to-date."
  • Alex-Tapper

    "Slava!! You're a rockstar. Seriously, great work. I really appreciate the hard work and precision"

    Alex Tapper
  • "Intelli Bookkeeping made transitioning my online accounting seamless and easy. The service has been amazing and the founder, Slava, has gone out of his way to make sure my experience is top-notch.  If you need a trusted accounting team on your side, look no further than Intelli Bookkeeping! As a business owner, you can't put a price on peace of mind.  That's what you get with Intelli Bookeeping."

    Mary Hodges Esq.
    STL Startup Lawyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Can you file my state and federal taxes?”
Yes! When you subscribe to our bookkeeping service, you’ll have the option to add-on our incredibly valuable tax management services. We can prepare and file both state and federal taxes for LLC’s, LLP’s, Sole Proprietorships, S-Corps, and C-Corps. This includes all the federal and state forms plus Delaware franchise tax and 1099 submission.

“Do you offer tax management, prep, and filing as a standalone service?”
Intelli’s tax management services are available only as an optional add-on to bookkeeping services.

“Do I need to file quarterly?”
Call us! We'll review your business and help you make sure your taxes are paid on-time.

“How do I send my bookkeeping team and tax advisors my receipts, expense reports, and other documents?”
You won’t believe how simple this can be! Intelli Bookkeeping uses a document management software called HubDoc. If you’re already a Xero or Quickbooks Online user, it’s really simple to get started using it!

“What about security? Will you have access to all my passwords?”
Privacy and security are very important to us. Transactions from your bank and credit card are downloaded securely without the need to share passwords, usernames, or other personal information. This “read-only” access keeps your tax and bookkeeping data safe and secure. To learn more, refer to our Privacy Policy or give us a call, (617) 580-5426.