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4 Tips to Bring your Cold Email Template to the Next Level

Cold Email Template

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Entrepreneurs, sales representatives, and people alike understand the struggle of sending hundreds of emails out, only to receive a couple of responses. It’s a difficult task, but if done correctly, it can yield countless benefits. From forming new partnerships to making a sale, or even acquiring a simple business connection, cold emails have proven to be an invaluable resource for growing a business. Your primary goal when using this sales technique is to entice your reader with the subject line. Once you’ve achieved this goal, its time to seal the deal with the content. Here are four tips to bring your cold email template to the next level.


Tip #1: Less is more

Make your template concise and clear. When you are emailing the decision maker of a company, they probably don’t have a lot of free time. Pretend your reader only has thirty seconds to consider your pitch. Did you get your point across in that time? If your answer is no, then you might want to cut the extra content. Make sure to avoid long paragraphs. Your template should be streamlined and fluid. If your readers see big blocks of text, they might avoid reading it all together. So give your email the best chance by condensing the content and trimming the length.


Tip #2: Make it personal

No one likes reading generic mass-emails. They not only garner a few responses, but they also reflect poorly on the quality of your brand. So intrigue your reader by mentioning their brand name, site link, or even a small detail you admire about their company. Show people that you aren’t just another person selling a product or idea. By making an authentic connection with your recipient, you’ll increase your chances of getting a response, and maybe create the basis for a longer conversation.


Tip #3: Keep it casual

Forget the formal language. Cold emails are a chance to reach out to potential connections and clients, so take advantage and speak casually. Pretend like you are having the conversation in person, and mimic that tone. Avoid sounding too detached or scripted. Instead, start each cold email template like you would start a friendly conversation, and build from there. In order to make your email flow, practice saying it a couple times to make sure it sounds natural.


Tip #4: Include a question

This is your chance to open the door for conversation. It’s imperative that you provide the next step to forming the relationship. Rather than ending your pitch with a simple goodbye, pose a question. Encourage your recipient to think about your pitch, and how it might benefit them to contact you back. Better yet, ask them if they would be interested in a quick, 15-minute phone call. Be sure to include the times you’re available to talk, so they know you are committed to growing the relationship. Give them an incentive to reply, and you will notice an upsurge in responses.


Emailing instead of cold calling via phone can be much more effective, especially in industries that live on their computers. Use these time-proven techniques and you are sure to get an improved response rate.



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