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Reimagine Your Workspace: 5 Changes that will Increase Your Productivity

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Your workspace is more than just a desk and a chair; it is the birthplace of new ideas, the catalyst for professional growth, and the vehicle for future success in your work. So why not treat it with the care it deserves? Here are five simple ways you can revamp your workspace to increase productivity during the day.

Replace monochrome with color

It’s hard to get inspired when you’re staring at a blank, dull wall. In fact, these dreary environments can actually have negative effects on your work productivity. So instead of working in an uninspiring office, brighten up your space with small pops of color. From bright calendars, to a colorful office chair, or even some vibrant picture frames, there are countless ways to reinvigorate your space. Every color has unique effects on your mood, so choose the ones that blend well with your personality. But don’t go overboard; too much color might add stress to your workspace.

 Clear space, clear mind

A messy desk can be distracting and stressful to work in. Clear your mind and sharpen your focus by removing any unnecessary objects from your space. Try to avoid integrating things from your personal life into your workspace; it’s important to keep these two aspects of your life separate. Following these simple measures to de-clutter your workspace can drastically improve your concentration and motivation during the workday.

Incorporate nature

Sitting in an office space for eight hours each day can lead to a “cabin fever” feeling. So liven up your workspace by filling the room with references to nature. Add plants to your desk, landscape pictures on your wall, or fresh air from the windows. Studies have shown that incorporating plants into offices have proven to reduce stress and increase productivity. This is just one of the many ways you can energize your work environment and create a temporary escape from your computer screen.

Don’t overlook your chair

Believe it or not, something as simple as changing your chair can greatly increase your work productivity. Sitting on a stiff chair, with little support or comfort, can make the workday seem endless (and painful!) Ease your tension with an adjustable, cushioned chair with back support, in order to relieve pressure from your back and reduce discomfort. Your body and mind will be thanking you after the long day!

Add some sunshine

Just because you’re constrained to an indoor office, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience sunlight. Light helps synchronize the brain and the body, so it is imperative to soak in those rays during the day. Exposure to natural light has positive effects on your quality of sleep and, consequently, your performance during the day. So roll up the blinds, and let the natural light fill your workspace.







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